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Arrivel by Sea


The location of Marina San Miguel from the sea is easy and simple: Located between Yellow Mountain to the west and Red Mountain to the east. The entrance is clear of obstacles and orientated SW.

The entrance channel is marked out with red and yellow buoys to the port side.


  28 º 1 '100''N
16 º 36 '530''W

Sequence of entry lights:   Fl (3) G 9s Green Column
Q (3) W 10s cylindrical column
Cardinal Black triangles E
Fl (3) R 9s Red Column
Communication with the Port (24 hours):  
  VHF 9
+34 610 777 280

• You must communicate your arrival in advance.
• The visitors dock and fuel dock is located 200 meters from the entrance to starboard, next to the captains office Captaincy.
• Once you have docked your boat, go to the Captain with the documentation of the vessel: Boat documentation, insurance policy and valid passport.